Monday, October 25, 2010

So I'm bad at the posting on a regular basis thing. Oh well.
     New updates: Dh and I bought a house almost a year ago. It's a good home in a good neighborhood. However we quickly realized the floor plan doesn't work for us. Now we'll know better what we want in our next home.We took our 6 year belated honeymoon/ first real vacation. We went on a week long cruise to the Bahamas. We're thinking our next vacation will be a trip to Europe. Our household numbers grew when we added Emma, our German Shepard. She's 6 months now. Very beautiful dog. I quit my job earlier this month so I can focus more on school and my PTA application for school. Losing my income is very scary but with dedication I know Dh and I can do it. Believe me, I've crunched the numbers many, many, many times.
     I hope to be more active with my blog and bring more exciting news. Till next time!