Saturday, January 26, 2013

Homemade poptarts

     I love pop tarts. We never had them growing up unless I sneaked (I always want to write snuck, sneaked sounds so wrong) some from a vending machine with spare change. After I got married and had to make our grocery money stretch and I understood why. Those little tasty delights are expensive, even the generic ones! After I actually read the nutritional label I cringed. Those little tasty delights are bad, bad, bad for you! They come 2 in an individual  package and that's supposed to be the meal. How many of you had more than one package? I know I have. How many ate a package for a snack? I know I did (WHAM~Hello thighs). So I rarely buy them. It has to be a super sale with coupons, and those corporations are catching on to me.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Homemade Tater Tots

Here's my review I promised!

6 potatoes (peeled and diced)
1 small onion (diced)
salt, pepper, garlic powder
1 large egg
1/2 cup flour
oil (to fry with)

 I changed up some things but if you want the original recipe then click here for the recipe from The Pioneer Woman as featured on Food Network.

                                                              Look at them fry away!

                                                              Such a pretty golden color.

I forgot to take a picture of the mixture till the end, oops.

     I took 6 russet potatoes and peeled and diced them. I also diced a small onion and put it all in a pot. I covered with water, added salt and pepper, and let it boil. I took a wooden spoon and tried to mush a potato and it didn't work so I let it boil some more. A while later I tried it again and it smushed. I drained the potatoes in a colander then fixed lunch for Little Dude and myself (yummy pbj!). After Little Dude went down for his nap I put the drained potatoes (and onion) back in the pot and went to work with my potato masher. I left them lumpy like in the original recipe (maybe they were too lumpy?).
     Next I beat 1 large egg and added some more salt and pepper. Then I dumped it in the pot with the potatoes and added  1/2 cup of flour (all purpose). I took out my frying pan and added some olive oil (the only kind I ever use, seriously. I have a big gallon container of it and that's it. I use it for everything, even my baking).
     Once the pan was hot enough I took some potato mixture rolled it into a sorta ball, sorta flattened it, and kinda kept its shape as I scraped it on my hand and placed it into the pan. I did this till the pan was full then sprinkled garlic powder over them all. They are ready to flip over when they move loosely in the pan when you have a fork to try and flip them with because your spatula is dirty and at the bottom of the sink filled with dirty dishes. Now that they are all flipped is the part where I look back in the pot and realize this is going to take FOREVER.
     For my second batch I tried kinda plopping some in the pan and smushing them once I flipped them over. They weren't as pretty as the first batch and I prefer the first batch over the second. After I got the second batch cooking I could hardly wait to try one. They smelled amazing. After they cooled and I tried my first one I realized these weren't going to last. They are seriously that good.

This is a dish I wouldn't plan on using potatoes for, unless they were starting to go bad. Next time I want to try leftover mashed potatoes (there's always some and never enough for everyone at the next meal). Also, since potato size can vary I don't think I had the right ratio of mixture. It was way too sticky to work with easily (another reason why I think left over mashed potatoes would be better). Did I mention they were yummy? There were none left over. Little Dude and I ate a delicious snack (and no, I didn't let him eat too many. I'm a mean mama like that).

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Hello New Year!
I haven't gone away forever. I've been busy working on the house after Little Dude is asleep. Big Dude got his new orders and left for his new dusty station on October. Little Dude and I are still here at the house. I have some work to do before I can rent it out. Painting (a lot of painting), flooring (both upstairs baths and pantry), grouting (the master shower that is taking FOREVER), new fence panels (2), fix the deck (replace warped baards, screw down where nails popped up, power wash, and stain), fix the gate, mulch the flower beds. It's been a struggle having 2 households, both financially and emotionally. Little Dude loves Skyping each evening with his daddy.
My days turned into a boring routine. Wake at 7, breakfast, Morning Little Dude time, lunch, nap (research on how to do the things I was planning to do/ clean house), afternoon Little Dude time, clean house. Make dinner at 4, eat at 5, Skype at 6, bath, bed at 6:30, dishes/ straighten house, work on house/more research, shower, bed at 10 (or 11).
Some weekends Big Dude was able to come home and it was nice to be together as a family again. For Christmas I went up there and was able to spend 2 whole weeks with no projects to work on and have a nice Christmas. As nice as it was to be there I got bored. I'm so used to being so busy as night that I didn't know what to do with myself. So I now have a whole bunch of pinterest stuff to try and fit in my day.
I want to make more of my family's food homemade. I plan to try one new thing each week homemade, rather than it's store bought counterpart. This week's project was inspired by the Pioneer Woman. Long story short, last week I saw an episode where children where there for a sleep over and she made breakfast for dinner. One of the dishes was tater tots. Looks easy enough (don't these things always though?) and I've got some potatoes looking for a new home in my belly, so that's my project for this week.