Monday, February 10, 2014

Update time

So it's been awhile since my last post in September. Little Dude turned 2 1/2 on Feb 10th and I'm proud to say he's potty trained. I'm so proud of my son. We learned last week that when our lease on the house is up March 31st the home owner won't renew as they are moving back into it. So the search is on for a new house. Our renter in the home we own left Feb 1st due to a deployment. They are a military family. So our property manager has a hunt of her own as well. I'm trying to let God take care of it and believe it'll all work out, but come on. I'm a control freak. It's a real challenge for me. I'm hoping to tweak my grocery budget (since I have a feeling we'll be paying more in rent for our next place) so I'm going to try and post my weekly shopping trips and menu so I can get a better picture of where my money is going. But if you've read any of my posts I'll tell you right now to not hold your breathe. At least I'm being honest! Let see what Monday brings.

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