Friday, September 14, 2012

Homemade Drano

The sink in my downstairs bath was beginning to slowly drain down. I went to pull out some Drano to clear the clog and low and behold: No Drano! My car was in the shop and Big Dude was at work so I couldn't get to the store. After a quick search on Google I found this recipe:

1/2 box baking soda (Been awhile since I had to buy some. Is it like $1.25 / box?)
1/2 c. white vinegar (I buy the gallon from the Commissary don't have a price for now)
1 qt. boiling water (Free!)
1 wire hanger ( Free! mine came from an old trip to the dry cleaners)

Cost: $  I'm guessing under $1.00 here.
Much more environmentally friendly, much cheaper, and no fear of running out!
With Little Dude becoming an adventurous toddler I now worry he"ll figure out how to get through all the stuff I've baby proofed (like the stairs).

Stuff baking soda down drain (I used an old wire hanger to help plunge it down)
Pour vinegar down drain and plug closed. If there is no plug in your drain use a wash cloth. After about 30 minutes pour the boiling water down the drain. I poured about half the water slowly because the sink filled with water. When it drained down I poured the rest.  And..........tada! I actually heard a suction sound come from my drain as the clog cleared away, ewww!

Now my sink drains like it should, I saved roughly 5+ dollars by not having to buy Drano, saved time and gas going to the store, there's one less piece of trash going to the landfill, and one less toxic chemical around the house for curious boys to get into. I feel like Super Mom!

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Update: A box of baking soda at the commissary was $0.59 and a (I think it was) 1/2 gallon of vinegar was under $ this is a very very cheap option at around $0.75 / batch.

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