Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Harris Teeter triples 9-18-13 trip #2 and #3

I made two more trips to Harris Teeter this week. My first trip I forgot my Cheerios and each time I went back they were out. Sigh. This is why I make a list. But I didn't this week. Oh well.
Any whoo.

Trip #2
Retail Value $25.08
Oop: $6.78 before taxes

  (4) Betty Crocker Au Gratin potatoes $1.00 each
  (6) Old El Paso refried beans $1.25 each
  (2) Natural Smuckers jelly $3.49 each
-(2) .50/2 Betty Crocker potatoes
-(2) .60/3 Old El Paso item
-(1) .60/3 Old El Paso evic coupon
-(2) .75/1 Smuckers Natural item
Total with sales: $18.48
Total before tax (.28): $6.78

Trip #3
Retail Value: $25.45
Oop before tax: $5.26

  (9) Green Giant boxed frozen veggies $1.00 each
  (1) 1/2 gallon milk $2.39
  (1) 15oz Country Crock butter $1.67
-(3) .60/3 Green Giant boxed frozen veggies
-(1) .55/1 15oz  Country Crock spreadable butter
-(1) .75/1 15 oz Country Crock evic coupon
Total with sales: $13.06
Total before tax (.21): $5.26

     When I went on day one I saw the butter on clearance for 3/5.00 but for whatever reason thought my coupon wasn't for it. When I went back to use it on trip two I saw the price went back to the regular price and thought I missed my chance for cheap butter. Preparing for trip #3 I was looking at the evic coupons and saw the .75/1 coupon and though it made a good deal. When I checked out I couldn't figure out why my total was lower than I thought and realized the butter was still ringing up the clearance price! Even better my coupon still tripled and the evic came off making my butter free and lowering my total!
     As for the milk. I was completely out and we're going out of town at the end of the week and I only needed enough to tide us over for a few days. I can get a whole gallon of milk for 1.99 at Aldi. Harris Teeter was the complete opposite way from Aldi so I just grabbed my milk from Harris Teeter.

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