Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Don't give up when it's broken

Ha! Here's the post I promised! Yay for me. Happy dance!
...There's carpet under all that pet hair?

     I have two long haired cats and one German shepherd dog. Needless to say, I could
vacuum the carpet in the morning and by evening you may not even be able to tell on some
days. Most the time I enjoy vacuuming. I used to beg my mom to let me vacuum (every parents
dream, a child begging to do chores!), However, I absolutely HATE vacuuming the stairs.
Just trying to lug the vacuum up and balance it on the stairs as I work my way down makes
me frown. I'm frowning now. I'm throwing glares at the stairs as I type. I hate to admit I
usually ignore the stairs until Big Dude gets so fed up with the hair that he winds up
vacuuming them (Thanks for vacuuming the stairs honey!).

     Since Big Dude is the one who vacuums them, he wanted to get a small vacuum for the
stairs. I heard phrases such as no more balancing the vacuum...safer...special pet hair
picker upper. (I feel the need to point out I'm paraphrasing here, Big Dude would never say
picker upper as it is not a manly phrase). So we got a Shark from the store. That special
pet hair head is magic! It looked like we got a new carpet. Amazing. I happily walked up
and down my clean stairs with a goofy smile on my face the first day.

     After about 2 months of having a super awesome vacuum the pet hair head died. It
wouldn't spin anymore. The head is clear so you can see the insides of it (brilliant idea!)
and I clearly saw no more spinning brush. I couldn't find the receipt and was fearing we
about to take a loss on the vacuum. It still worked suction and motor wise. The problem was
only with the pet hair head. So now we had a vacuum we bought to pick up pet hair that

     Big Dude decided to contact the company and see if we could get a replacement head. I
was expecting to have to pay for a new one plus shipping charges. I glared at that vacuum,
breaking so soon and not working like we wanted. Big Dude told me Shark was sending it out
to us in 4-6 weeks for free. FREE???? As in no money? No shipping charges? No trouble as we
didn't have our receipt?? YAY!!!!! I know happily looked at the vacuum sitting in the
corner. What a good company to stand behind their products and their customers!

     Five weeks later a box came in the mail from Shark. I opened that box like it was Christmas! My stairs are once again clean (again, thanks to Big Dude as I don't do them). I never would have thought the company would send out a replacement head, especially not one for no cost to me. I will definitely keep this in mind when I have to purchase a floor product in the future.
     Do you have any stories of companies standing behind their product when it fails?

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