Friday, April 6, 2012

Update Time! Don't you think as it's been almost 2 years?
      Anyhoo. So I quit my job in October 2010 to focus on school. Wouldn't you know it DH and I found out we were expecting in November? To add even more fun my best friend found out about her pregnancy at the same time too! She wound up having a beautiful girl and I had my adorable son. Both babies were born in August 2011 just 2 days apart.
     These past 8 months since he's been born have been crazy. My wisdom teeth were removed along with my gallbladder. I was really scared to go in for surgery for my gallbladder. I know it's a pretty routine surgery now and the chance for something happening to me was small, but I was still worried about leaving my little dude without a mommy.
     I'm hoping to add his birth story and some other posts at a later date (especially before my mommy brain starts to forget!). To keep myself accountable I'm going to set a date for it. So by...April 11th I will have another post done. See ya next week!

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