Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm still here

     I know it seemed like I fell off my blog wagon with no posts in a while, but I just took a short break. My grandmother is very sick. I wanted her to see Little Dude before she got much worse. Big Dude couldn't get time off work (someone has to make money!) so Little Dude and I took off in my car for a 20 hour drive. Traveling with a nearly 9 month old infant by yourself is no joke! Luckily he is a good travel baby and slept most the trip. He was teething tooth #5 and #6 so the nights were very hard as he kept waking every few hours even with the pain meds. But we made it there in one piece, had a good visit with my family, and made it back safe. I took some time off after I got back to rest and clean my house because Big Dude totally lived as a bachelor while we were gone. He also told me I wasn't allowed to leave again because he missed us so much (how sweet to hear!).
     So I'm getting back in the swing of things now. Today is Free Apparel Day from Sears Outlet! http://www.facebook.com/Sears.Outlet.Stores. Last week I got Little Dude some winter p.j.'s for this coming winter. Free rocks!!!! Wonder what I'll get today?
     Big Dude fixed my ac in my car yesterday! It went out right before my trip (86 degrees and no ac, ugh). We took it to the auto shop last week and they did some shop magic and said the relay was broken and we needed a new one.

                                  It's the black rectangle near the purple thing. I'm so technical 

After hearing that Big Dude knew he could fix it. We went to an auto store and he looked for the relay we needed. They didn't have it in stock, but could order it for us. The cost of the relay was around $50.00.    WHAT?? It amazed me how one tiny part can cost so much. Big Dude thought that was a little high so we went home and he looked it up on the internet and found one for a big ole whopping $5.00. Biiiiiig difference! Even with the $9.00 shipping (I find it ironic shipping was more than the item), we still came out ahead. The part arrived yesterday so now my car blows nice cold air. And just in time for summer. Yay!
   Not done being Super Big Dude yet, we went to the hardware store and bought a ceiling fan for our bedroom as ours quit working (I'm seeing a trend here). Now we have a nice, quiet, ceiling fan that works helping keep us cool upstairs. Yay!

 My daylillies in the front yard are looking awesome right now so I cut a few to put in a vase inside to enjoy.

                                                                       So pretty!

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