Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farm Fresh and Harris Teeter trip 6/6/12

Had a great trip at Farm Fresh today! Being Wednesday the $1.00 coupons were doubled so that gave me some awesome deals.
Here's my haul from Farm Fresh today:

What I got:
(1)Crave cat treats: $1.59-.50 coupon doubled= $.59
(4)Ken's Dressing: On sale $1.00 each-(2)1/2 coupon doubled= All 4 free!
(2)Kraft Dressing: Sale $1.09-1/2 coupon doubled= $.18
(2)Kix cereal: $2.49-(2) .75 coupon doubled=$1.00 each
(4)Ocean Spray Cranberry and Cranapple Juice $3.99-Bogo coupon=$1.99 each!
(1) Sierra Mist 2ltr: $1.34-1.00coupon doubled= Free+overage!!!
(2)Kings Hawaiian bread: $3.49-1.00 coupon doubled= $1.49
     *I need to check my store. I could've swore the sign said they were $2.69 each, not the $3.49 they rang up*
(1) 1/2 gallon whole milk: $2.39
(1) 1 gallon 2% milk: $3.19
(2) Country Crock butter: $2.38-1.00 coupon doubled=$.38 each!
(3) YoBaby Yogurt: Sale 2/$5.00-2.00 coupon= $1.83 each!
(2) Beechnut stage 5 fruit pouches: $.99-1.00 coupon doubled= Free+overage!!!
Total+tax: $24.83
Total saved: $33.32 (59%)

I forgot to take a trip of my trip to Harris Teeter but it wasn't as impressive this week. All I got was 2 family size Stouffers lasagnas for $5.99-2.00 coupon=$3.99 each.

I had another great deal at Food Lion on some baby lotion and soap. I need to find my receipt so I can post about it.... I think I need to get more organized.

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