Friday, July 20, 2012

Emergency savings

We're a Navy family so 99% of "vacations" are a trip home to see relatives. For us this means a trip to Kansas to see my dad and step mom and a trip to Oklahoma to see my mom (and my siblings), big Dude's mom (and his siblings), and the rest of Big Dude's family. We were gone for 2 weeks and managed to almost empty our emergency savings. First off, on day one traveling to Kansas the AC goes out in my car. We were
still 6 hours away from my dads. And it was 105°...... 105° is HOT. All the windows were down I stripped Little Dude down to his diaper and kept wiping his face with the cold water that was rapidly becoming warm. His poor little face was so red. Big Dude and I were worried about him overheating and kept checking to see if he was breathing every 30 minutes. At least he slept through most the heat. I kept giving him lots of water when he was awake. He refused to drink from his sippy cup for some reason but happily drank some from his bottle. We got the car fixed while in Kansas and enjoyed some wonderful AC the rest of the trip.
Flash forward to when we got home. We were home a few days and I park on the side street and hit a metal  corner on the curb that covers the sewer drain. It didn't sound good when I hit it and I cringe as I get out my car. I hear a hissing sound and hope there's a snake nearby (it's bad if you're hoping for a snake).
Please be a snake. Please be a snake. There was no snake. I blew my front passenger tire. My car sat in the road slanted and sad looking. I go inside and tell Big Dude the bad news. He doesn't believe me. I have to tell him 3 times and he still didn't believe me until he went out and looked at it. Luckily we get free towing through our insurance (saved roughly $80.00), so we towed it to the shop that had my tires in stock. 

So we're back to rebuilding our emergency fund. It's there for a reason and I'm glad we had it. I keep repeating "at least we had the money" over and over to myself hoping it will make me feel better. But it doesn't. Cause no one enjoys dipping into their E-fund.

I have some good stuff planned to post and some really cute stories from our trip and updates on Little Dude, but that'll come later.

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