Saturday, July 21, 2012

Free Fun Weekend

Wow this weekend is packed full of free fun stuff!
     First off I took Little Dude to a fire station tour with one of the local mommies groups. He even wore his cute fire truck outfit my dad bought him! He was either too scared to be put down, or walking away from everyone so I didn't get any pictures. I think I want to make this a yearly event. Once he's older Little Dude will really enjoy it. We got to see a fire fighter get dressed in all the gear to show the kids that it's not a scary monster. Little Dude was not going anywhere near the fire fighter once all the gear was on.
Looking at the actual fire truck was really fun for the kids. The got to climb inside and look around and even sit behind the steering wheel and "drive". Little Dude's favorite part of the truck was the reflective parts where he saw that baby he keeps seeing at home. Lol.
     After we got home I took a pack of the frozen-now-thawed  home fried chicken (that Big Dude did last month) from the fridge and popped them tasty birds in the oven to heat up and whipped up some sides. (I love instant potatoes. Homemade is awesome, but instant works for me.) I packed up the picnic food and  headed over to the base for the Navy Seal demonstration. Those sailors are awesome and put on a great show. To start the show the American flag was brought to the ceremony by a seal paratrooping down (totally awesome!) The used boats, hummers, and helicopters to show how some of their drills are done. They "fired" guns with blanks and fireworks on the beach, and even captured a "target" from the audience. 
     Tomorrow Little Dude has a play date with one of my friends and her kids. While he's having fun without mommy (tear), Big Dude and I will be going to the movies for free! YAY! Over a year ago we got rid of Cox Cable and switched to Verizon (and saved half each month!). A few weeks ago Cox sent a coupon for 2 movie tickets through Fandango trying to entice us back. Not going to switch, but thanks for the coupon! 
     This weekend the only thing planned was the fire house tour. Everything else kinda fell into place. I love weekends like this best. They always have the best memories. 

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