Monday, July 22, 2013

CVS 7/22/13- Almost a 50% savings with coupons

The drugstores have been calling my name and I'm going to take my couponing to the next level! I keep seeing all these posts about people spending little or no money oop for all those items. I was inspired by Gretchen's shopping trips posted at in particular.

This week was my first time doing so and I don't think I did too shabby. had the match ups all done for me and I just had to print and go to the store!

Here's my break down:
     Kit Kat minis- 2/$6.00
         used (2) $2.50/1 coupon (shared on Facebook to get the high value. I did one and my husband did    
         also. I had to do the candy in 2 transaction because the 2nd coupon wouldn't go through)
     Huggies Diapers- $9.99 (part of the $5.00 ECB deal)
          used (1) $3.00 coupon
     Huggies Wipes- $2.99 each (part of the $5.00 ECB deal)
          used (2) $1.00 coupons

Total before coupons- $21.97
Total oop- $11.97 (before tax) and received $5.00 ECBs

Since I just got my CVS extra care card I can register it online and I believe I can get something like a $4/$20 coupon to use on top of any cvs coupons, manf coupons, and ECBs.


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