Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Moving Day Drama

     Where have I been lately? Recovering from out move. The actual packing up wasn't the hard part (thank you Navy!!). I didn't have to do a thing but be at my house (and get a sitter for Little Dude), because, after 6 months away from my husband, we were finally able to move up to the DC area to be with him!!!!! And let me tell you after 6 months of solo parenting I was more that ready to move. Single parents, I tip my hat to you. I learned just how thankful I am to have the support of my husband.
      I found a realtor I trusted in February and both a renter and rental house in March. Big Dude worked
with a realtor up here to find a home. All I got to see were the few cell phone pictures he took when he toured the house. We moved in the middle of April (with our renter taking over our home 2 weeks after we left it).
    The packing up of my house was easy. They came on a Friday and 2 guys had me packed up by 4 that afternoon. We were scheduled for a 2 day pack out so my stuff wasn't getting loaded until Tuesday. Big Dude was able to come home Saturday to find our house filled with packed boxes. Each box had a number sticker on it and Little Dude decided this was the perfect time to become interested in stickers and he tried to pull them all off. I spend my Saturday morning turning all the boxes around so he couldn't mess them up. Went to a birthday party on Sunday and spend Monday cleaning the house. Tuesday our stuff was loaded and we were told it would be delivered Wednesday since it was such a close drive. The van drove away at 2:00 PM and we loaded up our 2 cars with our suitcases, bedding, pet stuff. The realtor came by and we gave her our keys.
     Big Dude goes out to start the cars so they can cool off before we load everyone up and......his car won't crank. At all. And we have to be at our new house for our furniture deliver at 8:00 AM the next day. We try jumping it off with my car and still no luck. Now it it close to 3:30 PM and I'm starting to get worried. We call our insurance and explain the situation to them. We have free towing included in our insurance and thankfully they agree to tow the car up to the DC area at no extra charge to us!!! We load up Little Dude in my car and drive to the closest car rental shop. After speaking to the lady at the counter she said she had a truck on the lot she wanted to get moved (guess no one was wanting to rent it) and she would discount it if we took it. I hurried back to our house to wait for the tow guy, who was already there. When Big Dude came back with his rental we loaded up his truck with the stuff from his car that he needed (dog food, pillows). It was close to 5 PM by this time so we grabbed some fast food to eat while we drove. The DC traffic wasn't too bad getting to our new home. We made it there by 9:30 PM. It was now completely dark as we drove into our new neighborhood and that's when I learned there aren't any street lights. I knew which one was our house by his car sitting in the driveway. We got everything we needed for the night unloaded and settled down to sleep for the night. Now it was close to 10:30 PM.
     The next morning our stuff arrived and I was pretty happy to discover nothing got broken or lost in the move.  Little Dude was given permission to go find all the stickers he could after our delivery was finished and that kept him occupied while Big Dude and I started to unpack the essentials (like the T.V. lol). We weren't fully unpacked for about a month. Unpacking with a toddler takes forever. Big Dude had to go back to work a few days after we moved so it was just Little Dude and I. If I got 2 boxes done a day I was happy.
     We went from just over 1500 square feet to just over 1200 square feet so as we unpacked I kept a box and tossed stuff we no longer needed or had room for. I had just done the whole house back in March and was surprised how much more I was able to find. Where did all this stuff come from? I found so much I'm actually having a garage sale next weekend.
     It's been amazing having my whole family together again. Right after Big Dude left in October for his work Little Dude started having nightly wakings. I would have to go to him and rock him for a few minutes before I was able to put him back in his crib. Four days after we moved here it stopped completely. We're also enjoying family dinners at the table again.
     Except for the car drama this move was successful. Two more years and I can do it again.

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