Tuesday, July 30, 2013

CVS 7-27-13 and 7-29-13. A nearly 50% and 75% savings!

I made two trips to CVS the past few days. One a few days ago during last weeks sale and one yesterday for this weeks sale. My savings for the trips was close to 50% and 75%. Woohoo!!!

I scanned my newly registered CVS card to get the coupon for the free roll of paper towels ( love freebies!). I also went to do the Colgate $5 ECB with a $10 purchase. The other soda and candy was a treat for the
Dudes back at the house. This trip I saved over 50% after sales and coupons.


Here's the scoop:
The Kit Kats were $1.27 each and I got two. I realized after I got home and read my receipt that if I had gotten three they would have been $1.00 each. Oh well.
The soda was on sale for .88 so I got three bottles. 
Paper towels were free after CVS coupon (yay!)
ECB deal: Spend $10 on Colgate get $5 ECB
The Colgate mouth wash was $8.49 for the 33.8 fl oz (I had to get the large size to use my $2.00 coupon).
The Colgate toothpaste was $3.29 for the 4.2 oz size and I had a .75 coupon.

After sales, coupons, and my 5 ECB's from last week I spent $10.05 after tax and got 5 ECB's back.

Yesterday's trip was mostly more snack and some dish soap.

Here's my breakdown:

(1) Sunkist Soda $0.99-.30 CVS coupon= .69
(1) Starbucks Coffee $1.50-1.00 coupon= .50 (got $1.50 ECB)
(1) Dawn dish soap $.99- .20 coupon= .79
(3) M&M's candy- They were Buy 2 or more get them for $1.00 each and if you bought 2 you got the third for free. $2.00- .50 coupon= $1.50 or .50 each

My total after sales and coupons and tax was $3.65 and I earned $1.50 ECB
I didn't use the 5 ECB's I already had so now I have a total of $6.50 ECB's
My total saving was close to 75%!

Candy and soda is a rare treat around here and I am glad to be able to provide a nice snack for my family every now and then.

Time for a candy break!

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