Thursday, August 1, 2013

CVS 8-1-13 Cheap Excredrin Migraine!

     I was browsing some blogs when I had some down time to myself yesterday and stumbled upon The Cents'able Shoppin. I had seen the Excedrin deal of buy $20 get $10 ECB's earlier in the week, but the coupons didn't look good enough. I had seen the internet $3/2 Excedrine Migraine, but without printing it to see the specifications needed I assumed it would be for the higher count and not the small 24 ct boxes. After looking at The Cents'able Shoppin I saw that it was a really good deal for the migraine 24 ct. I registered my

new CVS card the other day and my $4/$20 CVS coupon expired today so I printed off my (2) $3/2 Excedrin Migraine coupons and headed to the store with Little Dude.
     When we dropped Big Dude off at work he gave Little Dude one dollar. I told LD that he could pick out some candy (that was code for, "I know as soon as you see the Kit Kats you will want one so I'll let you buy one).

Here's my break down:
 (4) Excedrin Migraine 24 ct $5.49 each
 (1) Kit Kat $1.19
 (1) $4/$20 CVS coupon emailed to me for registering my card online
 (2) $3/2 Excedrin Migraine $3/2 Excerin Migraine
 $5 ECB's from last week and $1.50 from earlier this week

Total after sales, coupons and tax: $6.67 and I got $10 ECB's back!
That works out to (minus candy and tax) $5.46 or $1.36 a box!!!!
This was a good moneymaker for me!

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