Thursday, August 22, 2013

CVS 8/18/13 Cheap razor blades and free makeup!

Wow. This week's CVS trip is making me do another happy dance!!! I'm leaning towards believing the drugstore game will save my family money each month.
     I get a weird high from saving money when I shop. This deal had me so excited I was texting my mom late at night telling her all about my awesome coupon trip. Made me remember when I was a little girl after she'd gone through the coupons herself she'd let me cut out whatever ones I wanted (great fine motor skill activity!).  I would go to the grocery store with her and push my pretend shopping cart and put my pretend groceries in it. And I never forget to point out all the blown up "bonuses" (Supermarket Sweep anyone??). Remember the blinkie coupon machines in the aisles?  My mom had to make a rule I could only take one and then place it on top of the machine or I wouldn't get my cookie from the bakery. And cookies trump coupons any day. Anywhoo. Here's my awesome deal I did at CVS this week.

$6.17 for 4 items retail value $39.16

I did 2 transactions:
#1-  Revlon eye liner on sale for $6.99 and earn $4 ECB's
     -$3 Revlon cvs coupon machine
     -$1 Revlon manufacturer coupon
     -$3 ECB's I already had. I had already torn it off the receipt and forgot to post it                    
Oop= FREE!!! I only paid tax and got $4 ECB's back

#2-  Buy $30 of Gilette Shaving products get $10 ECB's
       (2) Gilette Mach 3 5 ct razor blades @ 15.49 each
       (1) 2 oz Gilette shaving foam $1.19
       Total before coupons $32.17
       -$6/$30 purchase from the cvs coupon machine
       -$6 off 3 Gilette shaving items manufacturer coupon
       -$4 ECB's from transction #1
       -10 ECB's from a previous purchase
Oop before tax $6.17 plus I got $10 ECB's back!!!!

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